Stacey Caster doesn't just play the game: She changes it.

Inspired by her time as a senior leader for mid to large enterprise companies, Stacey has been a powerful catalyst and advocate for teamwork her entire life. Throughout her professional career, Stacey has been a transformative spark for businesses, c- suite-level leaders, and mission-driven non-profit organizations ready to do more, grow larger, and achieve greater success.

At the center of her work is a simple belief: That anything is possible by working together to implement change. Throughout her exceptional career, Stacey has witnessed the full spectrum of organizational dynamics and the impact of executive-level leadership.


Today, Stacey’s mission is simple yet powerful: Create stronger businesses, one leader at a time. North Executive Advisors was founded to build, support, and facilitate businesses, teams, and leaders ready to realize their true potential and unlock their capacity to do great work. Her goal is to provide leaders and teams with the skills, data, knowledge, and tools they need to work well together, outperform their competition and reimagine how they do business.
Her unique, cutting-edge approach to team building and business acceleration has revolutionized how her clients do business – giving them an edge over their competition and elevating their organizational potential. Through Stacey’s work, she has been able to help leaders fuel employee engagement, foster a vibrant team culture, and completely transform the landscape of their organization

As a woman in a predominately male space, she understands the unique challenges that face underrepresented communities and works hard to lift and empower the voices of those groups. Known for her authenticity, leadership expertise, years of experience in technology, and her ability to transform strangers into teams, Stacey has earned her reputation as a one-of-a-kind consultant and coach, organizational accelerator, and trusted colleague who continues to push boundaries and help her clients find tremendous success.

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